Salvaged Bowling Alley Floor Table

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey there!  I finished up the salvaged bowling alley floor table this weekend and we are super happy with it, considering what we had to go through to make it.  Here's a look.....
We started with this gigantic section of salvaged bowling alley flooring that hubby picked up on one of his trips. 
That sucker is 3 inches thick and the only thing we had to cut something that large and thick was a chain saw!  And I'm leaving the chain saw using to my man, so, he cut it for me.

We didn't have a very large table to put it on while we were cutting it, so, to keep it from moving around on him, I sat on the edge of that slab while he was using the chain saw behind me.  Yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing that. :)

But we got it cut and surprisingly, the chain saw didn't leave the edges very rough and we were both still in one piece when we were finished.

To complete the table top, I took my palm sander and completely sanded the top smooth.  After that, I applied about 4 coats of glossy polyurethane.  I then reattached the pieces of trim that were attached to the flooring section originally.

The bottom of the table is an iron base we found on a picking trip.
I cleaned it, sanded the rust off and spray painted it with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint and then attached the top with large screws drilled through the iron into the wood.  We were lucky that there were already holes in the iron base for this.  
I love all the imperfections in the top combined with the industrial looking base.
We are so proud of this table!  Of course, now I need to find a new place for the ottoman I recently built for this room, but that's okay.  I just had to make this and put it in here cause hubby was so proud of himself for finding that section of salvaged flooring.  It's something that we have always wanted to find.

Tomorrow I'll be revealing our fall mantel/ledge, also in this room!  After changing it up about a thousand times.  Anyone else do that?

Also, so many of you have requested this bread board to be in my Etsy shop again, so tomorrow I will be listing more of them.  :)

We have found the best walnut supplier and I'm just absolutely thrilled.  There are more of my other bread boards listed now.  Click here to order!  And check back tomorrow for the medium walnut bread board.  Many thanks to you all!

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